Saturday, June 30, 2012

Busy Busy! (28 Day - Day 13)

Today has been full of busy errands, a pool party, and proper use of my time! Went to get some fluid changed in my car and while waiting I went for a run. Ran/walked 3 or so miles (google maps says it's 1.7 one way) to the farmers market and then paused to check out prices. This place is sadly more an indoor grocery store, but with more plants and products than produce. Kind of disappointed. The prices weren't good and there weren't even a lot of local stuff.
While getting my car washed, I walked the 1.2 miles to the Walmart and grabbed some avocados, lettuce, a tomato and items for the pool party. 
By the time I got back home, I had so much to do! Needed to do laundry, clean up, make lunch (as I was starving), and make fruit kabobs for the pool party.
Breakfast: Banana -- I think this is what I had...can't remember now...
Lunch: 1 pkg sprouts + 1 tomato + serving homemade creamy avocado dressing -- I made a dressing that was SO good! I was kind of impressed! It probably had too much fat in it as I did a small handful of walnuts ground up, then used one of the avocados (these were SO good for Walmart!), added 1/2 a juiced lemon, some water, the juice of a tomato, cayenne, little salt, sprig of dill, and lots of morjaram. It was so tasty!

Afternoon: Fruit kabobs + Watermelon + 2 shots of alcohol -- I stayed away from all other stuff at this bbq, but I was so hungry! Next time I will bring more than just fruit to eat. The kabobs had apple, pineapple, strawberry, and some had kiwi on them. They were very good! I was being the DD for my boyfriend, but I was talked into (I did the talking on the first one) 2 shots....they weren't full shots and I spaced them out over the course of 6 hours. Mostly I just drank water the entire afternoon/evening.

Snack: Salad + leftover creamy avocado dressing -- I was so hungry by the time I got home, but I was also SO tired from being out in the sun basically all day. I got a little bit of energy when I got in the house, otherwise I imagine I would have just gone to bed. I did make a little salad and finish off the dressing (I noticed it doesn't really keep with the avocado in it). 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Allergies? (28 Day - Day 12)

Started the morning off realizing my watermelon half and cantaloupe had gone I didn't really have juice this morning. I did make the carrot and beat juice. There was more than the 24oz container would carry, so I drank the remainder. Felt really weird drinking it...I took my vitamins (which I've cut down to just the ones originally perscribed after surgery) with it and was really full and it just ...was weird. I can't even describe it. I couldn't even drink water until getting to work.
Lunch: Left over Baby Kale + Walnut/Almond dressing + 1/2 Avocado + sprinkle of pepitos -- This was really filling and took me awhile to eat...probably all the fat and protein in the dressing!
Snack: Carrot Beat Juice -- I used 3 golden beats since that's what came in the bundel (couldn't find regular at Sprouts and these were organic). Same reaction as this morning with this. I couldn't drink's like my stomach became immediately full. I did not have this reaction with the red beat last time. Neither of my ingredients last time were organic. I would take a sip and there'd be this seizing, constricted type feeling. I've never had an allergic reaction to food, so I don't know if this is what that is?
I just love opening up beats... the red ones are so beautiful in coloring. These aren't quite as stunning, but they are definitely a golden yellow, which is very pretty! My drink is definitely not as appetizing as it was with the red beat...
Dinner: Plate of fresh/mixed fruit + glass of wine -- Went to see a movie with a friend at a dine-in theater. There were not many options for food. If I were to make a salad friendly it meant getting rid of all ingredients but the lettuce. They did have a fruit plate so I opted for that. It came with some fruit/citrus yogurt that they drizzle over top but I asked for it on the side. It tasted so horrible. I dipped a finger and was grossed out by their homemade sauce...ew. The wine I kind of wish I hadn't bought, mostly because it was $8! Next because it took me forever to finish... My body just didn't want it. 

SnackAvocado -- I was pretty hungry when I got home today, so I ate this. Haven't had one by itself in just about ever!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not-So Water Fast (28 Day - Day 11)

I mainly had water today, but let me tell made me CRANKY. I was so cranky at everything. My head hurt like crazy. I had 24oz of Watermelon juice left over at work and drank that hoping it would help, but that didn't help so much. I had at least 4 servings of my 32oz bottle of much water! 
I'm not really worried about a fast today, so I did pick up some greens with the rest of my groceries and have a small salad tonight. I found baby kale on discount, so I'm assuming it expires soon. I repurposed the pate from last night and made a salad dressing with the addition of water and herbs. Added half an avocado and a couple sundried tomatoes. Not too shabby! I guess I'll make the rest for tomorrow.
I bought a lot more organic food (if they had an organic version, I bought it) along with some nutritional yeast, tahini and walnuts (all of these are expensive!) so I can begin experimenting. I spent a vast majority of my day pulling together recipes so that I can create a binder for myself and while reading through them I got inspired! 
That's about the extent of my day, really. I feel much better now having eaten.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1/3 Liquids & 90% Raw (28 Day - Day 10)

Movement: Stretching + IT Band Exercises -- I didn't quite do as much as I wanted, but I got some movement in! More than the past few days!
Breakfast: 5 Grapefruits Juiced -- Grapefruit are expensive right now, so I opted for 5 instead of 8 when shopping.
Lunch: 24 oz Watermelon Juice -- I borrowed my boyfriends blender, which is much better than my Ninja, and it really made this a drink whereas mine made it more a slushy I had to chew! Good stuff. I like to keep it chilled when at work.
Lunch: Southwest Salad with avocado, black beans, roasted corn, chives, cilantro, and spicy ranch dressing -- I had actually ordered olive oil and lemon dressing, but they didn't bring it; however that isn't an excuse to just eat the dressing anyway! I could have come up with something, I'm sure. I bet there are lemon slices with the ice tea that's always brought. The salad was free, though I didn't really need it. I would have been fine with my watermelon juice. I chose to eat it, though...mainly because it was free? I don't know why. I don't think I was particularly hungry if I thought about it, but I WANTED to be and I wanted to eat. Work in progress. I've definitely not skimped on the liquids today. I had a full 32 oz when I woke up this morning, plus the 32 of grapefruit, another 32 of water before lunch, and 24 of watermelon juice.
Having ate it, my stomach is doing little gurgling noises and feels rather bloated. There was 3 things on that salad that could have done it, though I'm going to guess it's the dressing since ranch is made from dairy products and other processed crap. I also just yawned...which I was fine before. Good to know what it does to me!
Snack: Peanut M&Ms -- I have not had a chocolate craving (well aside from the one after dinner I mentioned while in Denver...which was raw food according to the chef, so I'm confused on that one...might have just been the combo from the day) and I know that it means I'm missing something. When I crave specific things I'm missing some nutrient. I just need to figure it out! And, figure out how to beat said craving. I'll get there, though. Good thign is, I'm motivated to go run tonight!
Movement: 60 min Walk/Run -- I did about half and half running and walking. It's 104 outside with humidity at 23%. Needless to say the trail was pretty empty! I loved this though. I didn't sweat nearly as much as I normally do (probably a bad thing? I've had PLENTY of water and other liquids today already--maybe it was the watermelon juice! It's hydrating, right?). My running was slower at the beginning than what it usually is, but it picked up as I kept going, which is opposite! I averaged 12.5 mph, which in this heat is totally acceptable. I did make sure to go to a trail that was heavily shadowed by trees. It was definitely bearable in the shade. 
Dinner: Large handful Almonds + Pate and 3 Sheets Toasted Nori -- I could not do a sweet smoothie tonight after my workout. I craved salt...craved greens. Granted, I had none since I shopped Mon-Wed and Thurs is a fasting day...sooo I thought about making taco meat, which is what this pate started out as...thought I could put it and celery slices inside the nori sheets, but it turned more into a pate with the celery blended in it. By the time I actually got done making it I wasn't hungry anymore...I really craved those nori sheets, though! Totally ate them... wish they had been raw, but it was what I had on hand. Not sure about my experiment with the taco meat turned pate. I added too much balsamic vinegar and my attempt to correct, it just turned into a pate. I probably won't be eating the rest of it - haha. Sadly, the mass amounts of fat did not settle well and wound up reappearing later....should have stuck with the fruit!
Today I did an experiment: I did not wear deodorant. I also did NOT smell. Even after running and sweating!! Flippin' awesome!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bountiful Greens! (28 Day - Day 9)

Having missed the entire first week is really screwing with my head! I keep having to stop and think what day it is.
Movement: Minimal stretching and leg exercsies -- I was still so tired this morning when the alarm went off at 5 that I reset it for 6. I didn't do much of anything this morning. Hopefully I will get back on track soon.
Breakfast: Green Juice -- This takes me longer to make without a vegetable juicer (I've been researching and trying to find one forever!) as I have to blend it all, then strain it through my nut bag. Good times...It works though!
Lunch: Butter Lettuce + Avocado, dill, water and 1/2 lemon dressing -- I've wanted to try the butter lettuce for forever! It cost quite a bit more, but so tasty! Melts in your mouth.
Dinner: Blended Salad -- I love this! I added about 1/3 a bunch of cilantro and it tasted wonderful! 
Snack: ~15 dates -- I was really craving sweet! I'm not a fan of all green or all fruit days...I need a combo! I definitely overindulged on this one. I felt the "omg, I ate too many..." after consuming them all. I have a hard time with moderation.

Monday, June 25, 2012

What day is it? (28 Day)

No, seriously… I guess since it’s Monday, it’s Day 8.

I cannot express how excited I am it’s cleanse week! Not that I did so horribly while out of town the last 10 days, but there was certainly some cooked foods consumed. Definitely not beating myself up and just letting that go. I’m not even going to worry about trying to figure out what all I ate since I was too busy to even be on the computer.

We start from today!


I will say that I need a day of sleep. I am so exhausted from the past 10 days! The sun has taken it out of me! The boyfriend joined me in Colorado and Wyoming Saturday and Sunday and in less than 2 days’ time we hiked, white water rafted, flew airplanes (he copiloted, I took pictures), 4-wheeled around the ranch, and had a great dinner on the rooftop with my family. I put 460 miles on my mother’s vehicle in those 2 days! Totally worth it…but I’m feeling it today. Our plane was late and delayed so we wound up not getting in until after 1am. Work might suck today!  I’ll continue my blog tonight as I food journal it up! I had the boyfriend buy me the fruit for breakfast and lunch before he left, so I’m all set!


Breakfast: 2 Cups Cubed Watermelon – The boyfriend bought a cantaloupe for me, but it was nowhere near ripe, so he decided to dash out to get some precut up watermelon
Snack: Handful Almonds + Pepitos
Lunch: Fruit Bowl = 1/2 cup blueberries + 1 orange + 1 banana + 1 pear + 1 apple + 1 kiwi – I will need to educate the boyfriend on picking ripe fruit ;)  I’m super grateful he tried, though! Otherwise I’d have no food today!
Snack: Fruit Bowl – I only ate a couple forks full at lunch, so I had a ton left over!
Snack: Handful of Mixed Nuts
Dinner: Blended Salad – I was not in the mood for more fruit, so I bought double ingredients for the blended salad. I love this salad! I wish I hadn't bought double and would have just split it,'s a lot of food. I don't know why I feel obligated to eat it all either...

I'm hoping I get enough sleep tonight so that I can get back on my routine tomorrow! I need to yoga, stretch, do core exercises, etc, etc... Wish me luck!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Getting back on track (28 Day - Day 5)

After the slipups the past few days that left me realizing my body dislikes what I've been feeding it (throwing up is not fun, I tell you), it feels good waking up (with a slight hangover) knowing that today I'll be back on track with the ability to cook!!!!! It's ridiculous how being in a hotel for a week screws with the cooking routine.
Breakfast: 1/2 plate of fresh fruit
Snack: Strawberry Banana Smoothie from Jamba Juice
Lunch: Chopped Salad with cilantro-lime vinaigrette
Snack: Left over plate of fruit
Dinner:  Mango Banana ice cream made with water and orange juice
Did some walking around for a little bit while waiting for my ride. Been overly tired all day...I'm sure the late night and drinking of alcohol has not helped. I took a nap when I got to Mom's which was supposed to be only an hour, but I apparently slept through the alarm and it wound up being 2!
Excited to go hiking tomorrow!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Exhaustion & Travel Difficulties (28 Day - Day 2-4)

I’ve been pretty swamped with work the past 3 days—40 hours! But the project was shipped via FedEx and plane last night, so I’m done! It’s out of my hands. No more stressing or worrying because whatever issues there might be wrong with it, I can’t do anything about it. Finis!

I’ve felt extremely run down. Having worked that many hours in the day the last thing I want to do when I get back to my hotel is jump on the computer, so I’ve been very behind on blogging and writing. I’ve put maybe 2-3 sentences in my handwritten journal each day before going to bed. I NEED to write, though. So much to get off my chest and figure out!

While at work, I’ve not drank enough water. I am used to drinking at least 3 of my 34oz bottle…I’ve made it through 1.5 IF that each day while here. They don’t have any decaf tea, so I’ve been drinking this Organic Chai, which is a black tea and has caffeine (not helping energy wise at ALL) and really is just giving me headaches  Not sure why I keep drinking it… Every other kind of tea is black or green tea with “natural flavors”, which is definitely not natural! So, I guess next time I travel I will be prepared more and bring tea! I did bring nuts and fruit for snack items; at least I was partially ready!

Anyway, these past 3 days I’ve felt so off… I have been overly exhausted and not done the normal routine of yoga, stretching, core exercises, etc in the morning, walking in the afternoon, and some form of cardio and weights in the evening. I’ve kept to eating raw (at least to my knowledge) by having fresh (and dried berries) fruit in the morning, salads for lunch and dinner. The only things I’m unsure of are the dressings (Shallot Tarragon Vinaigrette? Cucumber Dill Vinaigrette?). The salads at Mad Greens I’ve been adding avocado, but while it looks and tastes normal in the salad, when I took a piece by itself I could tell it had been in something in order to keep it from browning. The salad place is one of those where you can build your own, adding toppings as you go down the line (like Subway), so I imagine they DO mix the avocado with something to keep its color. It just tasted so gross…and not fresh at all.

I’ve also eaten quite a lot at each mealtime, which is not needed since I’m not doing anything but sitting. My body feels wrong.

Here is some of the interesting and probably TMI tidbits I’ve noticed happening in the last 3 days: 
  1. My armpits smell. SInce eating raw I could put on deodorant in the morning and even after extensive workouts and sweating I would not smell. Now, they smell without doing ANYthing.
  2. I’ve had a lot more gas, which also smells horrid—sorry for the TMI, but I’ve not had this problem!
  3. I’ve had no energy—I realize I’m working a lot and wearing my brain, but 5-6.5 hours of sleep has been okay for me to get up in the morning and be ready to go! I’ve not even been itching to go running.
  4. I craved chocolate for the first time in a month! I knew I had fruit at home on my walk back from dinner, so I wouldn’t have, but I SO wanted to go buy a huge chocolate chip cookie. Instead I stopped at Jamba Juice and made a smoothie with fresh squeezed orange juice and 5 different fruits to curb the sweet tooth. Luckily this was all natural! Though I’m unsure if the fruit was frozen or cut that day.

I’m sure there are more things I’ve noticed, but those jump out at me. Here’s a rundown of my food intake for the past 3 days I’ve not been able to blog:

Breakfast: Plate of fresh fruit + dried blueberries and cherries (are these natural? I have no idea...)
Snack: Handful of nuts
Lunch: Mad Greens Salad with questionable avocado and Shallot Tarragon Vinaigrette
Snack: Apple
Dinner: Salad from TAG Raw Bar with questionable dressing + vegetable sushi rolls (I ordered via the phone and I’m not sure why the lady though that raw vegan meant sushi rice was okay…but I was hungry and craving it, so I ate it…granted something in this menu didn’t sit well and I had to throw some up—probably the rice!)
Snack: Orange + handful of nuts

Breakfast: Plate of fresh fruit + dried blueberries and cherries
Snack: Handful of nuts
Lunch: Mad Greens Salad with questionable avocado x 2 and Shallot Tarragon Vinaigrette (something didn't settle quite right with this or maybe it was just too much food, but I had to throw up not long after)
Snack: Apple
Dinner: Mashed Cucumber appetizer + Strawberry Salad from TAG Raw Bar (this was not on the menu; the chef made this specifically for me knowing I was raw vegan—it was fabulous and all raw!)
Snack: Medium 5 Berry Smoothie with fresh orange juice from Jamba Juice + handful of nuts

Breakfast: Plate of fresh fruit + dried blueberries and apricots
Snack: Banana
Lunch: Vegan Ceasar Salad (food truck, no idea what all was in the dressing exactly) with almond parmesan and coconut bacon (pan fried! ugh! it was too salty) + banana, strawberry and blueberry smoothie with chia seeds (made with water)
Snack: Apple + handful nuts
Dinner: Salad from Rioja (when I made reservations I told them I was raw vegan and not to grill the mushrooms; it was really good, but the size of a starter salad) + 5 glasses of Wine (hung out with an old friend and we wandered around getting wine. It was fun, but I didn’t need all the wine!)
Snack: Hotel Salad (this had chicken, muenster cheese, and tortilla strips that I forgot to ask to be removed, plus the red peppers were cooked and the dressing was a creamy something…however, I was so hungry and drunk that I did not care! I definitely regretted it shortly after because none of it stayed down)


All of these things just make me realizing that even though I’m trying to stick to raw (though I guess it’s about 90% with all my question marks and let’s just not count the salad at midnight) something is definitely different and wrong.

I don’t like it.

Is this how it’s going to be when I leave on trips? Will I have this many problems? I can solve the dressing situation by asking for olive oil (though I doubt it's cold pressed) and/or slices of lemon. I can try to do better with stretching and getting walks in, even if I don’t run or do weights. Just MOVING is good. I did great the 3 days I was at my Mom’s! I ran, walked, stretched, did yoga and core training, but I also was making my own fresh foods via the menu I had preplanned and shopped for. Here in Denver I’m eating out and I don’t know what I’m getting most of the time.

After last night I will say I'm slightly disappointed in myself for giving in to so much alcohol and then not having any control or care with food during that time. I've endulged in wine twice on this trip now. I realize both times were hanging out with people I've not seen in years, but I don't NEED to drink to have fun. One would be just fine! I'm not going to beat myself up over it; it's definitely something I need to figure out as to WHY I choose to do it. Why do I feel drinking after a long, hard week and/or getting together with friends is the best way to relax and have fun? It's a silly concept. I'm much happier when I don't.

Luckily the week in Denver is essentially over. With the exception of lunch after hiking on Saturday, tomorrow afternoon is the last day of eating in Denver. I have to make my shopping list for the rest of the weekend so I can grab it on the way up to Mom’s tomorrow. I’m excited to get some movement in Saturday! Hiking! YES! We possibly might go Sunday too, if we aren’t worn out.

I’ve enjoyed my trip (or will now that the long hours and project is over). It’s been a learning experience, for sure. I appreciate that. I now know the difficulties I might face next time (though I don’t foresee such a long stay any other time).

Monday, June 18, 2012

Beginning the 28 Day Transition Phase

During the 21 Day Cleanse I stuck completely to the plan and loved it! I did partake in some celebratory wine, but the 4 glasses throughout were my only "cheat", so I'm pretty satisfied with this! I can't wait to continue this journey and play with all of the delicious recipes out there.

On a side note, I am currently in Denver, CO for the week for work, and then at my mother's in Cheyenne, WY for the weekend (where I was this past weekend). It will be a challenge living out of a hotel room and office building, but I researched and found a raw restaurant not far from here plus a Mad Greens a block from work! I think I'll do just fine. :)


What a day! I was up at 4:45, was in the office (literally 50 ft from the hotel) by 7 and didn't leave until 8:15. I didn't get any of my morning workout or routine in, but I'm okay with this since I wanted as much extra sleep as possible knowing the day was going to be ridiculous. Here's my list of foods!

Honey Dew
Dried Blueberries
Dried Cherries

I had the buffet at the hotel restaurant and just did a small plate of various fruit. I plan on doing this every day! Not sure if the dried fruits are just dried without extra anything, but I'm assuming so.

Handful of nuts (almonds, pepitos, walnuts)

I brought these with me from home knowing that I'd need snack items at work.

Mixed Greens + Romaine Lettuce
Mixed Peppers
Edamame Beans
Roma Tomatoes
Cucumber Dill Dressing

There are a couple different salad companies in Denver. I can't remember what this one was called, but I just made my own and added raw ingredients. This one isn't quite like Mad Greens in it doesn't have as many raw options, but it was still pretty good. I don't know about the cucumber dill dressing -- it wasn't bad at least!

Mixed Greens
Green Pepper
Grape Tomatoes
Shallot Tarragon Vinaigrette

THIS salad was at Mad Greens. It beat the socks off the other one! I tried a couple vinaigrettes before the Shallot Tarragon and oh my goodness this is so good! Makes me question what’s in it… I enjoyed this salad a lot. It’s not too far from work and I got there just as they were closing at 8:30, but they were happy to serve me. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make it down to the TAG Raw Bar this week, but with these late work nights I don’t know!

In all honesty, I didn’t really need to eat this salad. I wasn’t that hungry. Either the lunch filled me up enough or I was finally drinking the water I hadn’t most of the day. It was late and I could have honestly just gone to bed after an hour or so. I wish I would have, really! Saved myself some calories! I need to work on that if I’m not hungry don’t eat thing…I get caught up in the “Oh, it’s dinner/lunch time...I should eat!” which, when I’m working out, I WILL, but days like yesterday when all I did was sit on my rear…it’s not necessary. My body doesn’t need all that food.


Again…why did I eat you, Mr. Orange? You tasted delicious and I love having something sweet after a meal, but you were not necessary so late in the evening!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ta-Da! (Day 21 Journal)

Day 21! The cleanse is over! I guess I kind of botched the cleanse with the toxic intake of wine yesterday, but I’m okay with that because I know that this cleanse is not just a 21 day deal for me. I plan on continuing for the foreseeable future. The only “cheat” items I partook in this entire 21 days were 4 glasses of wine. I think that’s considered a win!

I’m not able to weigh or measure myself, but I know that when I took the following after photos (Thursday, Day 18) I was down 10 pounds. I imagine it’s about the same today. I’ll do an official measurement after the 28 day transition which starts tomorrow.

I’m very satisfied with the results! You can definitely see a difference! I know that I have a long way to go, but I’ll get there. I noticed for the first time my shoulders are not square. I believe the right hangs lower due to using it to carry things for so long. I’ve had a masseuse tell me this as well and I’ve made a conscious effort to switch all shoulder carrying to the left. I’ve also swapped to a rolling bag for the work laptop (it’s a desktop laptop, so it’s quite beastly). Hopefully I can correct this over time.



Saturday, June 16, 2012

On the Move (Day 20 Food Log)

60 min Run/Walk
Core Strengthening
Physical Therapy Exercises
Yoga Poses

All of this together was literally 2 hours! Felt amazing, though! I got up at 4:45, however…so a nap is going to be in order before I go walk around in the sun all afternoon.

1 Banana
1 Orange
Pkg Blackberries

Simple and filling! I love big bowls of fruit.

Remainder kale and chard salad from last night

½ Pkg Alfalfa Sprouts
½ Romaine Bunch
1 Avocado
1 Lemon Juiced
1 Tomato
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
Cracked Pepper
Sea Salt
1/8 cup toasted hemp seeds (finally done with them!)

I think my favorite dressing for salads is lemon juice. I love the tangy! I scarfed this down so that I could get ready to head to the chili cook-off. I could have definitely done 2 servings out of it.

Glass of Wine

I drank water all day at the chili cook-off and didn’t snack one bit. After having walked all afternoon I sat down to chat with some old friends and have a glass of wine. Unfortunately it will be the first of many!

Bowl of Cherries
Handful of Mixed Nuts

I ate this on the road out to our reunion, trying to get some food in me since I hadn’t had anything to eat all afternoon. I knew there was going to be food, but not food I wanted to eat, so I didn’t want to offend anyone by bringing in my own food.

Lots and lots of wine!

I had 2 big glasses of wine and had poured a 3rd, but wound up just leaving it on the table and switching to water. It affects me way faster nowadays! I’ve been very, very tempted today of all days to eat things I know I’ll regret later. Not because of this 21 day cleanse, but because I know it will just make my body feel gross.  Once I’ve completely transitioned into a raw lifestyle and gotten used to making raw foods, I will then transition into a High Raw diet where cooked vegetables maybe a couple times a month, plus the occasional fish filet will be consumed.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Days 18 & 19

Yesterday was such a long day! I got up at the normal 5am and didn't stop until 1:45am. I had all of the items for travel laid out except clothes. After I figured out attire, playing Tetris with my baggage didn't take too long and I was slightly impressed with myself for getting everything for and extensive 10 days (5 days of business, 2 days of hiking, 3 days of leisure) into a carry-on size bag! I had hiking boots, 2 other pairs of shoes, and a Camelbak, plus 2 stacks of DVDs to return to my Mom too! The little roller bag for my laptop had my camera and peripherals, laptop, and other work items. Had to check the one bag since the laptop one is big enough to be considered the carry-on.

Anyway... I worked at home since I had a follow-up appointment and then was leaving for the airport immediately after. I work so much better at home. I am super productive! I don't know what it is about the office, but I don't want to work at all.

Wound up making my appointment earlier because I feared trying to get from the office to my friends place where I was catching a taxi to the airport. The drive is 30 min without traffic and it was going to be in the heart of rush hour. This cut into my work time, but I will be making up for it tomorrow.

Sat at the airport and did some work for about 90 min since I was early (good thing too!). The flight was supposed to be on time, but we boarded late, left late, and then had to go around a storm, so we were about 45 min late arriving in Denver. I would have had 30 min to catch my shuttle if we had been on time, but we landed when it left. You'd think I could just catch the next shuttle, but since I'm going from Denver to Cheyenne, the one after 9:05 is 11:30. That puts me into Cheyenne at 2am! Yeah, no thanks... I instead hopped a shuttle to Ft. Collins, which runs a little more often and Mom came to pick me up there. We got in and settled at about 12:45, which is 1:45 my time! I was hungry, but drank some water and flopped on the bed.

Now it's Friday and I have a long work day in front of me!

I've been snacking all morning. I don't know why. I'm on track for drinking water. I had a big green smoothie for breakfast... I'm pretty exhausted, so I wonder if I'm trying to keep myself awake by snacking... I so badly want some caffeine, just to get myself going. I'd down some water, like I normally do when I need a pick me up, but the water is shut off for maintenance right now so getting some and going to the restroom is a little hard.


The day is essentially over and I worked about 12 hours. My eyes hurt, my back hurts, my knees hurt…I’m tired of sitting! Sadly I will be doing this Sunday so that Monday through Wednesday aren’t TOO horrible, albeit they will probably still be.

I realized that I snacked A LOT today. I didn’t drink enough water either. I chalk this up to 3 reasons:

  1. Being tired – my mind thought eating would help wake me up
  2. Not drinking enough water – my body wanted and needed water and thus was trying to get it out of food
  3. Not working out – when I don’t work out, I crave foods…when I work out, I am hardly ever hungry

I need to remember these things and remedy them with sleep, water, and movement! I am glad to know that I’ve kept with raw foods, except the toasted hemp seed. Those kind of make me sad, but I’m almost out of them.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day! I am highly excited to get up and go running, go flying, photograph, hang out at my little town’s chili cook-off, and see people from high school. Food wise will be tough, but I’m okay with my ability to make proper choices. I’ll eat lunch or bring it with me before I go, take some fruit, and eat salad tonight.

Snick Snacky (Day 19)

Sun Salutations
IT Band Stretching

Short night! I really wanted to go running, but I'm too tired for that, so I did some stretching to get myself going and hopefully will get back to my routine tomorrow.

Green Smoothie
2 Oranges
1 Banana
1/2 Bunch Kale

I originally only had 1 orange, but it needed a little more sweetness, so I added another. Either I had too much kale or the kale just tasted funky; not sure. It still tasted good, was just different or 'off' from the normal. 

Toasted Hemp Seeds

I've never had hemp seeds and apparently I bought toasted :(  I was slightly discouraged! I kept wondering why they were so salty and crunchy and then I realized they weren't what is normally pictured. So, that stinks. They're also pretty addicting! I am making the tabouli recipe next weekend, so I bought these with me, but I guess I'll have to go find raw ones and stop snacking on these!!!

Cucumber Salad

Holy cow…I don’t know that I’ve ever had anything better on this menu than this! SO GOOD! I was so excited to eat this. I added some sea salt and did balsamic vinegar and olive oil to taste. Seriously…this was delicious. I wanted to save some but couldn’t stop eating it!

Couple Grapes
Bowl of Cherries
Handful of nuts
2 Sips Chardonnay

I've been snick snacky all day. I haven't had enough water either. Worked 12 hours today and really thought I wanted a glass of wine, however the 2 sips I had gave me an INSTANT headache, so I stopped and refilled my water bottl.

Kale & Chard Salad
½ Bunch Kale
½ Bunch Chard
½ Red Pepper
1 Tomato
Toasted Hemp Seed

1 Avocado
¾ Lemon Juice
Tomato seed/juice

I meant to let the kale, chard, and dressing sit all day, but I forgot, so I massaged it for a little while. It was a little tough and between the two leaves, there was a LOT of food. I have some of it sitting in the fridge.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

On the road again... (Day 18)

Yoga stretching
I didn't do quite as much as I normally do because I need to pack, but I did get some stretching in this morning. I definitely feel it in lower back having not walked yesterday.
Green Smoothie
I kind of just threw a bunch of fruit and romaine lettuce in this. It turned out pretty good. Had a LOT of it, though! It was very filling!
Nut Dressing Salad
This was the remainder of last nights salad. Still tastes great! Small portion is going over well, but it's still heavy.
Nut Dressing Salad
This TASTES great, but my body is not a fan of so much fat and oil in large quantities and I wound up tossing the rest out. I'll have to see if there's a better dressing that isn't so rich!
10 dates
Handful of Almond/Pepito/Walnut/Cashew blend
I put this together for hiking next and to have something to snack on throughout the week. Since I ate lunch at 11, snack at 4, I'm pretty hungry! Going through the airport and seeing all this fast food actually doesn't make me hungry, it just makes me sad. I did stop and see if there was any raw nuts at a place since this stash was in checked luggage. Sadly there wasn't. I thought about stopping for salad, but didn't want to waste the money. So, I drank water until landing in Denver and waiting for the shuttle home, which was 9:30.