Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hit & Miss (An Update)

I had some fish. I like fish. I could probably not eat it again, though. I don't feel guilty having done so.

I do not miss dairy. I accidentally had some cheese in a salad last week. It didn't taste great and did a number on my stomach!

I don't miss carbs. Especially the white, starchy stuff. I did do some yam/sweet potato (no idea which it REALLY was) that was cooked, which tastes wonderful by itself. Not sure my stomach could digest it raw.

I miss blogging daily :(  I haven't been keeping up with the journal and it's driving me crazy! I love writing!

My boyfriend is getting ready to try a couple days of raw. I'm slightly excited! I don't think he'll stick to it at all, but I'm hoping the positives that he gets from it will make him think about doing an 80/20 plant-based diet!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Looking Back

I keep looking back at these posts and visiting on the online communities. Since my experience on the program I've added in some more cooked foods that weren't digesting well at all -- cabbage, broccoli. I do some quinoa every now and then. My hormonal issues have seemed to completely level off and I've not had any issues. My skin is super clear and my hair shiny and healthy.

I will say that 100% raw might not work for my body, but the 80/20 rule has been perfect so far. I've gotten a juicer and a dehydrator and have started making new, wonderful and delicious things! I don't think I would have gotten to this point had I not done what I did and taken the plunge. 49 days seems like a LOT, but it was so worth it, even with all of the challenges. It helped me get to where I am right now, which is happy and healthy :)