Monday, May 28, 2012

Introduction (21 Day Cleanse)

I found The Garden Diet while doing a raw search online. I kind of jumped at the 2 programs in hopes that I'd clean out my body and transition into a diet that I believe in! So, here I am! This are repeat posts from the online community.


Hello! My name is Jennifer, 28 years-old, and a current resident of Dallas, Texas. I say current because I've moved so much in the past couple years. No idea where I'd like to make a permanent home or if I ever will, but that's okay! I'm finding I don't really enjoy the hustle and crowded bustle of city life so much anymore. I love hiking in the mountains every weekend, dislike snow unless it's Christmas, and love the ocean in my front yard. Know of a place that fits the bill? Hehe...

I'm a graphic designer by trade, though, I'm 100% positive I do not want to do that the rest of my life. I'm at a stage where I'm trying to figure out what it is I love doing so much (narrowing it down!) as to make it a living. I'll get there eventually, but for now I'll be working to pay off the student loans!

Been overweight my entire life, though I had spurts of health trends where I dropped a lot. I decided to have gastric bypass in 2008 and went from 365 pounds to 181 at my lowest. I'm currently at 200 due to improper eating habits and a car accident that had limited my activity levels (working with doctors to fix my back). I don't so much care about the numbers, I'm more interested in being physically fit and feeling amazing.

I grew up on a cattle ranch in Oregon and then Wyoming, so most of my dietary life has been focused on meat. I lost the taste for red meat years ago (I'll eat it occasionally) and really only enjoy turkey and salmon. Over the better part of a year I have been exploring and studying eating the paleo way and then raw. I completely believe in the benefits and natural reasons behind eating this way and have been transitioning these last few months. I was eating chicken and fish, though I'm not a big fan of chicken, so not eating it will work just fine!

I'm excited to participate in this, start a new journey, and further develop and explore the inner me. I'll also be doing daily meditation and something creative (writing, cooking, art, etc).

On two side notes, the beginning and end of this will be a challenge in self control and being able to accommodate for myself with everyone eating mostly meat and potatoes. I was randomly (very last minute) flown to the beach this weekend by my friends and won't be home until Monday night. I have some fruit and almonds for Monday travel. Luckily I have some produce at home for Tuesday, but it's not the menu. I'll be able to shop Tuesday night at least!

The last weekend I go out of town for my 10 year class reunion, which coincides with the town chili cook-off. Then I'll at least have a close grocery store and the rest of the knowledge and know-how of the rest of the challenge.

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