Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Food Journal - Day 3

Woke up this morning kind of tired and groggy, but not as much as usual, which would have made me stay in bed. Only about 6 hours of sleep. Let's hope the energy flows throughout the day!
Orange (3) Banana (1) Smoothie
This was very light and refreshing! I enjoyed it and my belly is currently full. I probably should have waited a little longer to drink it as it's only 5:30, but I did bring an apple and almonds if I feel the need to have a snack before lunch (that chowder makes a lot!). 

Morning Exercise:

Didn't get my walk in this morning (I have a habit of getting on the computer and losing track of time doing meaningless things), but I did the 2 parts of yoga! Not fully in it mentally due to a certain feline pet that thinks any form of exercise in the living room is perfect opportunity for attention. I don't blame in, really since we don't get a lot of one-on-one time and I'm right THERE in what he probably thinks is his apartment. He's pretty cute.

I did stay and try to meditate for the full 5 min of the 2nd video.

Probably skipping the lunch time walk since it's been raining (though that's not a good excuse since I have 2 multi-story parking garages) and I missed nearly 2 hours of work with my doctor appointment. Need to make up the time!

Celery & Coconut Chowder

When I made this last night I was thinking "man...that's a lot of chowder!" and then "I bet I eat it all" and now...even after having waited 6.5 hours between breakfast and lunch...I've made it halfway through and am completely stuffed. I was starving around 11:30 but waited just a bit longer with the help of water and tea. Now I'm staring at it like it's about to be dinner. Which, it might.

I snacked on this up until about 1...I started eating at just before noon (have about 1/4 left at this point). Probably should have said enough is enough after 20 min. Right now I'm experiencing a headache and sleepiness. The sleepiness I can gaurantee is mainly because of the space heater at my feet (it's so cold in this building!) being on too high. I've since turned it off. My head still feels queezy. Need to sip more water!

1oz Raw Almonds

Love this snack :)  I ate it a little earlier because my stomach was feeling queezy and I hoped that it would help settle it down.

Celery & Coconut Chowder

Still here at work since I missed a bit for a doctor visit. I don't know that I will make the chowder again. It has gone straight through me (ew). Might have been the coconut. I just grabbed one from the store and didn't notice that when I got home, it actually smelled fermented and I could see a few tiny little mold spots on the outside...and it was a little slimy in places. I was quite sad at this, but decided to open it anyway. The inside didn't have any off smell (though I've never opened and smelled a coconut before). But, maybe that is my problem. Who knows.
Apple Pie
Sprinkle of Cinnamon
1 Date (I was kind of hungry when making it...)
Holy heck, this is awesome! I had to add a bit more olive oil to the crust because my little Ninja is not quite powerful enough to do nuts beyond powdering them (I made cashew butter and about burnt the sucker out!). The apple part I probably didn't have to blend so much, but because I used a small container to blend in, I had to add the rest of an apple after I started. It does make a wonderful applesauce ;)  
I don't think I'm really that hungry to eat this all, but I might. It's nearly 9! I didn't get done with work until 7:30. I read someone else's post about having super high energy after breakfast and then dipping low after lunch. Darn you celery chowder! Darn you! They also mentioned that the serving was 2 for that chowder, which makes sense, so I kind of panicked and went to make sure I hadn't eaten 2 servings! It says one, but it really could have been 2. If I make it again, it'll be 2!

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