Monday, May 28, 2012

Adventures in travel eating

I picked a heck of a time to start this 21 Day Cleanse, though it originally started out working just fine. I didn't anticipate being whisked away to the beach for the holiday weekend! I made due, though, despite the last 9 hours being in a car.
2x Banana
3x Herbal Tea
Woke up early and grabbed a banana, then realized I was still really tired and went back to bed. About an hour later I tried again! The weekend fun and sun has wiped me out. Aside from that i feel pretty upbeat. I have a headache and am still stuffed up from the cold that's plagued me the past week. Walked around the neighborhood where we were staying at in order to attempt to get some movement in for the day before the long trek back home.
1 oz Almonds
1/2 bag Mixed Lettuce
Olive Oil
Homegrown Tomato
Turned down some yummy homemade pancakes and butter biscuits! I kept thinking I wanted them and "it's the holiday!" plus "everyone else is eating them..." and also "I could start this cleanse tomorrow!", but, alas...I didn't give in. I waited an hour and had lunch. I still felt guilty about this meal (the almonds were after the salad) and I think it's because of the spices. I grabbed some mixed spices that looked a lot like Mrs. Dash, but I'm sure it had salt. I think the salt is what made me feel guilty adding it.
1 oz Almonds
Cup of Fruit (from Buckies gas station)
There is literally nothing healthy at a gas station...I'm glad we at least stopped at one such as Buckies, though because not only are they huge, have the cleanest, nicest facilities EVER, but also have a ginormous selection of food. They had big cups of assorted cut fruit that I snatched. I had another apple shortly after and I think that might have been too much. I felt so full and bloated! Trying to keep my water intake down as well, though I've already had over 3 cups of tea and just finished 1.5 bottles of my 34 oz container. I normally do 3 of those a day plus the tea, but since I'm traveling and don't want to stop every 45 min, I'll restrain!
1.5 oz Almonds
1 Apple
1 Banana
Not that this is much of a dinner, but I had brought 3 baggies full of almonds just for the travel day and bought the apples and bananas yesterday so I could at least have something for the car ride. Definitely an interesting first day for the cleanse! Tomorrow will also be off since I haven't been home to shop. Luckily I have some items that I bought Thursday that are still good: avocado, bell pepper, some lettuce (though I'm sure I'll have to pick it out), apples, strawberries and blueberries that I froze... it'll at least tide me over for the day and then I can hit the grocery store after work and actually follow the menu plan!
I will definitely be blogging my food diary publicly. I'm not sure about the other journal. I already write a journal daily and I love the feel of hand writing it, but that isn't a public blog. I also don't really want to blog 3 times in one day. I'll figure it out.

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