Monday, May 28, 2012

Discovering Happiness - Day 1

Didn't get a whole lot of time to do any of the exercises as I was stuck in a car the majority of the day. I did get to write a lot in the morning, but that was handwritten in my journal and typing it in here doesn't seem much fun. I struggled with temptations of pancakes, honey roasted nuts, jerkey, and all sorts of other foods at the convenient stores we stopped at and the items picked up by my road buddies. I said no to everything, but oh was I tempted! It's pretty easy to say "no, thank you" right out of the gate, but if I sit and think or if there's some platter on the counter that I can see all the time, I will more than likely give in. It's a main reason I don't go into the kitchen at work because there's usually left over food on the table, candy in the drawers of the fridge, and chips on the counter. It's why I don't keep the stuff in my apartment! I'd eat it all in one sitting! Self control is a never ending battle for me.

I think I've decided that I will keep the public journal and reflect on the Happiness Exercises as well as the Journal Exercises. I'll include discussions on anything related to this cleanse, food, exercise, and my inner battles with it all.

I think my personal, handwritten journal might be more my philosophies on life.

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