Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back to the Grind! (Day 2)

This weekend seriously has wiped it out of me. Darn you sun! I meant to get up and go for a walk, but as soon as the alarm sounded I rolled over and reset it for an hour later. Guess I'll be doing my walkin' on my lunch and after work/MRI/grocery shopping! 
Cup Orange Juice (4 Oranges - mine must be much smaller than their recipes!)
So glad I had oranges from Friday that I could use for this! I am not sure how my body will take all the sugar from the oranges with the gastric bypass, but I am trying it anyway! My nose started running after I finished the glass, which is my indication of being full. I can feel it sloshing around in my belly. Just hope the hunger is contained for awhile! Now to figure out what I can piece together for a lunch...

Romaine Lettuce (about 2 cups)
1 Avocado
1 Red Bell Pepper
1.5 Stocks Celery
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil
Dried Chives

Could not wait to eat!! Started at 11:30 rather than waiting any longer. The OJ lasted longer than I thought, but I tried to drown any hunger pains with tea and water (I didn't notice the recipe was for 16 oz rather than only 8, which is what I made; apparently my oranges are smaller than the ones in the recipe!). I don't know why I feel GUILTY over eating early to the point of justifying it - lol. Pretty much wiped out the last of my produce at home. I have 1 more avocado,3 oranges, half a lemon, and a lime. Digging on this salad, though I've already had a runny nose and am full and barely halfway through it. I like the freshness and zing of the lemon. The avocado kind of acts as another dressing as you mix it all together, which is awesome. When I poured on the lemon and olive oil dressing I was thinking I didn't really have enough ("oh no! I need more dressing!" -- flash backs to adding a TON of ranch dressing on everything), but as I stirred, the avocado kind of melted into it all.

Been feeling pretty tired and run down from the weekend, but I have some good energy going. I know that water consumption can help and I usually try to drink a cup whenever I'm feeling tired. I'm sure the clean food intake has helped as well!

Craving 1:
Chocolate. I don't know WHY I feel like after lunch I need some sort of dessert. I have, in the past, brought  a Ghiradelli or equal brand name 70-90% chocolate square to have after work that I'd crush up into little bits and slowly melt on my tongue. I have also gone into the bin at work and bought a candybar or peanut M&Ms. I am certainly not going to now, but that urge to do so is there! I'd go ahead and grab my apple snack, but that leaves my afternoon with nothing and I have to go straight to my MRI after work and THEN grocery shop before I get home to where I can make some dinner (I might actually have to just snack on stuff as I get things washed and cut up for tomorrow and skip dinner all together since I want to get the workout and another walk in as well).

1 oz Raw Almonds

This has literally been my snack for years. I love taking a bite of apple and then popping in a couple almonds and chewing together! SO GOOD!
5 Dates
It was a long time between the apple snack and dinner. While grocery shopping I sampled some pitted dates I was buying. Don't think I've ever had them, honestly. Little sweet, but good! I've seen them in a ton of raw recipes and can't wait to try them out!
Salsa Kale Wraps
Topped with Fennel Seeds
I might have added a tad more cayenne pepper then intended! Lips are burnin'! Tastes amazing, though. I love fresh salsa. Before this, I would make similar and stick it in Mason Jars, then use it as my salad dressing. The tomato made it a little too runny for actual wraps, so I have been tossing pieces of kale into my salsa bowl and eat it kind of like soup - haha.
I've found myself having a TON more energy than I did this morning. I actually had to retitle this post because I had started out with "Sleepy Day 2" and while I was extremely tired this morning, I'm pretty wide awake right now!
3 x 34oz container and climbing
32oz of tea

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