Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adventures with Ve-ghetti

Fruit Smoothie
   - 2 Grapefruits (juiced)
   - 2 Oranges (juiced)
   - 1 Banana
   - 1 Cup Frozen Strawberries (I bought a bunch on sale last week and froze them!)

Only had 2 more oranges, so I opted for grapefruit, since I have a TON of those. Definitely tasted tart! I liked it, though. Made a ton! Instead of drinking my tea on the way to work I took that drink.

Morning Workout:
2 Part Yoga

Trying to take it easy on workouts since I don't want to aggravate my SI joints anymore. I go for an injection tomorrow and hopefully that will help it!

Sunflower Seed Pate (basil + tarragon herbs)
3 Stocks Celery

Since I forgot to soak my sunflower seeds a day in advance (I make lunch the night before), I had to make the pate this morning. It took a bit longer than I had planned, but I think it turned out pretty good! I think I'd like more lemon in it next time. I've never had pate. What do you eat it with? Anything? By itself? I threw some celery into my lunch to spread it on. I was amused at soaking the sunflower seeds because they kept expanding. I had to add more water twice. They basically tripled their mass!

I wonder if these types of pates are meant to be eaten immediately. I had put it in my insulated lunch pale and when I pulled it out the outter layer had turned brown! Kind of like an avacado or guacamole does when it's exposed to air for a long while. I thought lemon juice prevented that? Wonder what it is that made it turn brown. Either way I about freaked out and started smelling it to make sure it was okay! It was literally just the outter part. The inside looked fine and it all tasted the same.

I might have eaten too much :(  My tummy feels extremely bloated right now and I'm burping a lot (sign I'm over stuffed). Oy...

Ugh, okay...hours later, I am STILL bloated and having a heck of a time! Don't think my tummy likes pate :(  or at least not couple hour old pate? I don't know... so far pate and chowder are no goes for making again! 
Afternoon Exercise:
30 min walk
Decided to cut back on the amount of nuts since a lot of recipes call for them and I'm sure I'm eating more than plenty! Glad to have found an apple that was super crisp! I've gotten several that seemed firm, but were kind of mushy. :(  
I didn't REALLY need to eat this. I wasn't hungry, but it was nearly time to head home and I knew I had to make a bunch of stops to groceries so I figured I'd eat it to keep myself satisfied. I was VERY full again afterwards. Still having trouble with the pate also.
1 Date (snack before making :P)
Forgot to grab oregano, so I sprinkled parsley over the top instead. Probably not the same...and I'm not really digging the taste when I eat it, so next time, oregano! The rest of it seems okay. I wouldn't consider it a favorite meal or anything or that it really qualifies as spaghetti. It seems to need some pepper...or salt. I'm trying to cut down on the latter, though, so I didn't add any!
5 Dates
I was hungry and craving something sweet!

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